Our Philosophy

 A bleeding Earth and so many tragedies, proved we had a debt to pay to our planet, a duty to evolve society around sustainable ways of life.

Teaming up gave birth to Urushya, our first step to help steer the world from the clutches of devastation, before it is too late!

Sustainable living is truly an ethical concept since and our objective was to find organic products that contained only the most natural ingredients with no health risks, we did not have to look far because we only had to pick up what Mother Earth shed, her leaves!

Part of living sustainable is to make conscious choices when making a purchase, bearing in mind its consequences whilst encouraging friends and families to do the same.

It seemed like an uphill battle, living in Singapore where plastic and polystyrene disposables are taken for granted, but we were convinced that healthy changes in lifestyles eventually could make a difference in the movement.

The symposium acted as a catalyst for us to begin our role as environment protecting divas! 

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Just like Urushya in Sanskrit means to passionately protect Mother Earth, we at Urushya believe that taking care of the earth is not just a responsibility

but our privilege