Just like Urushya in Sanskrit means to passionately protect our Mother Earth, we at Urushya believe that taking care of Earth is not just a responsibility, it's a privilege! Our research gave us appalling figures of plastics that ended up in our beautiful garden city landfills.

What’s our alternative? Eco-friendly and green plant-based tableware. At Urushya we believe in sustainability and are committed to providing eco-friendly solutions. Our products are made from natural and renewable sources: from fallen Areca and Siali leaves, which are 100% biodegradable and compostable. These disposable tableware and plates are hygienic, odorless, non-toxic, sturdy, chic and they decompose into compost within 60 days providing the best manure for plants. We are currently suppliers of Areca (areca nut palm leaf) Siali (leaf reinforced) and Bagasse (sugarcane pulp) plates of various shapes, bowls and spoons. These disposable table wares are elegant, hygienic, odourless, non-toxic and sturdy; better still they decompose to compost within 60 days.  Doing our bit by reducing the amount of non-compostable solid waste we produce, means taking up less space in landfills. Plus, compost makes a great natural fertilizer. Global warming is causing the Himalayan glaciers to melt at a rapid rate and in the next 10 years Earth will be 4º hotter than today! Join us in the fight against global warming and protect Mother Earth.

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Just like Urushya in Sanskrit means to passionately protect Mother Earth, we at Urushya believe that taking care of the earth is not just a responsibility

but our privilege